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A printed circuit board is a plate made of dielectric, on the surface and / or in the volume of which electrically conductive circuits of the electronic circuit are formed. The printed circuit board is designed for electrical and mechanical connection of various electronic components. Electronic components on the printed circuit board are connected by their terminals to the elements of the conductive pattern, usually by soldering.
On the printed circuit board, the electrically conductive pattern is made of a foil entirely mounted on a solid insulating substrate. The printed circuit board contains mounting holes and contact pads for mounting output or planar components. In addition, in the printed circuit boards there are transitional holes for electrically connecting the foil sections located on different layers of the board. On the external sides, a protective coating ("solder mask") and marking (auxiliary drawing and text according to the design documentation) are usually put on the board.

Applied technologies of JSC "SM Kirov Plant" provide for the use of various chemicals and concentrates,
Designed for the production of simple PCBs 1-4 grades of accuracy
With a ratio of the thickness of the board to the diameter of the hole to 10: 1, and complex printed circuit boards 4-5
Classes of accuracy from 10: 1 to 15: 1. In addition, the technologies and equipment used
Allow in the future to modernize production before the production of multi-layer printed.
The production line allows manufacturing of double-sided printed circuit boards
5 class of accuracy in accordance with GOST 23751-86 (IPS-A-600 with a design step of 0.25 mm).

The price depends on the number, the size of the printed circuit board and the complexity of the performance.

  • "Machine-building plant named S.M.Kirov" JSC
  • 1928
  • 600
  • Petropavlovsk - KAZAKHSTAN
  • Manufacturer, Service Provider
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